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Phil Kuhlenbeck | Successful Results | 50 Ways to Get More Sales


1.       Phil Kuhlenbeck Successful Results Strike up a conversation with a stranger.  The old fashion
way doesn’t get much respect or credit, even though it still works in
this high tech world, but it’s as simple as paying attention to what
they are paying attention to, and making a comment or asking a
question about it. After all is said and done, people like to do
business with friends.

2.      Phil Kuhlenbeck Successful Results Build a base. Start with a focused goal of developing your
personal brand and recognition: both of which will lead to prospects.

3.       Phil Kuhlenbeck Successful Results Advertise selectively. Your name and what you are offering
will be heard or seen by thousands of individual prospects! Couple
this with your involvement in community activities and you will
develop immediate recognition. When you speak to people, it will be on
a warm, friendly basis.

4.      Phil Kuhlenbeck Successful Results Advertise aggressively and often. Whether you are advertising
through direct “snail” mail or e-mail, television or radio ads, the
more exposure you have, the more leads you will generate. Be proactive
once you generate leads and make sure to follow up to ensure you
receive the maximum ROI on your advertising dollar.

5.      Phil Kuhlenbeck Successful Results Call every 90 days. Call every client and prospect at least
once every three months. The call can be made by your assistant and
will help you stay fresh in your client’s mind.

6.      Phil Kuhlenbeck Successful Results Door-to-door flyers. Implementing an idea taken from another
industry; the door-to-door concept can be applied to your business
too.  Simply hire a company who specializes in door-to-door marketing
or local college students to deliver flyers promoting your next event.

7.      Phil Kuhlenbeck Successful Results Make it personal. Your message needs to touch them
personally. It could be a hand-written note or perhaps a picture.
Either way, remember: You cannot replace a contact you personally made
with one you bought from a list.

8.       Phil Kuhlenbeck Successful Results Partner with referrals. Telling referrals to call another
professional doesn’t work well. So I changed the way I handle
referrals. I first work with my centers of influence, building a
relationship based on trust, and have them understand what I do and
how I can help their clients and referrals. I suggest that they ask
the individual for permission to have me place the call. So instead of
telling the prospect to call me, they say, “I think Barbara Franklin
is the person who can help you. We have worked together. May I have
your permission to give her your phone number and have her get in
touch with you?”

9.     Phil Kuhlenbeck Successful Results  Video Marketing is HOT. Videos boost retention by 50 percent
over live presentations.

10.   Phil Kuhlenbeck Successful Results Give them something they want. Think about what your audience is
looking for. If they want information, make it available; if they’re
looking for a specific product or service make sure they know they can
come to you to find it.

11.  Phil Kuhlenbeck Successful Results Target “your” audience.  My friend is most effective with women.
He developed a plan to do something fun with the women in his
database.  He hosts parties and asks his clients to bring their
friends.  Do NOT solicit at these events, just make it fun.

12.  Phil Kuhlenbeck Successful Results Don’t use mailing labels. Every letter, fax and e-mail should be
personally addressed and never contain “Dear Client.”  Snail mail is
now unique.

13.   Phil Kuhlenbeck Successful Results Just ask. Go back to your current and past clients and ASK for referrals.

14.   Phil Kuhlenbeck Successful Results Get help from your competitors. Maybe not directly, but take a
look at what they’re doing. If they’re sticking with the same methods,
it’s probably working. But it’s important to take a long-term view of
the competition.

15. Phil Kuhlenbeck Successful Results  Engage in good deeds. Providing community service and gently
letting people know what you do can help create leads that can grow a

16.  Phil Kuhlenbeck Successful Results Attract the right clients. You already know the type of clients
who are right for you.  Other things to consider is their willingness
to listen, accept advice and collaborate. Spend time attracting your
ideal clients and resist sorting through unqualified leads.

17.  Phil Kuhlenbeck Successful Results Use a script. Scripting means every key word and key concept is
written down. It gives you confidence and mastery over the subject.

18.  Phil Kuhlenbeck Successful Results Stand out from the crowd. You’ve got to have an idea and
presentation that really stands out from the clutter. To achieve that
you’ve got to test it in small numbers and, when you find something
that works, send it out more broadly.

19.   Phil Kuhlenbeck Successful Results Time the lead. One thing to keep in mind is that what appears to
be a bad lead may simply be a mistimed lead – one that is too early. A
bad lead today may be a good lead 45 or 60 days from now.

20.  Phil Kuhlenbeck Successful Results Invest in lead programs and systems. Reduce your need for
prospecting by investing in systems that take away the hassle and
leave you to do what you do best: advise.

21.   Phil Kuhlenbeck Successful Results Avoid self-promotion. Make your Web site informational, useful
to the lives of clients and prospects and they’ll seek you out when
it’s time to do some planning.

22.   Phil Kuhlenbeck Successful Results Quid pro quo. Entice prospects to leave their contact
information in exchange for the information you are providing and your
Web site will drive leads.

23.   Phil Kuhlenbeck Successful Results Make newsletters professional. Send a newsletter, but only if
you also send a cover letter. Otherwise, most won’t get read.

24. Phil Kuhlenbeck Successful Results  Use co-registration. Internet leads also can be attained through
co-registration, where a senior may be looking for elderly housing,
for example. He fills out the elderly housing online form, which then
prompts him to check any number of other boxes for products he may
have some interest in, such as LTCI or annuities.

25.  Phil Kuhlenbeck Successful Results Use multiple sources for acquiring leads. Get client referrals,
buy lists, send direct mail and conduct seminars. That way, if one
stream runs dry the others can make up for it.

26.   Phil Kuhlenbeck Successful Results Create your own leads. You can create a lead if you have an
understanding of the business issues affecting a client. If a client
is looking to retire but has no visible means of doing so, the
opportunity is created for someone to offer a solution, converting the
lead to a client.

27.   Phil Kuhlenbeck Successful Results Take a long-term view. Avoid short-sighted marketing plans. We
tell investors to have a five- and 10-year horizon with investing, yet
most sales reps only have a 90-day or six-month view of their
marketing efforts.

28.  Phil Kuhlenbeck Successful Results On the cutting edge. Be alert to what’s happening in your
business community. Keeping abreast of area as well as national trends
with local ramifications can prove to be an effective lead generator
or business-development practice.

29.   Phil Kuhlenbeck Successful Results Build that rep. Reps should get involved with their local
service organizations, but be sure their hearts are in the right
place. You’ve got to become involved to help the group not to help

30.  Phil Kuhlenbeck Successful Results Stick to a plan. You can find ways to create your own life
insurance leads such as using your Web site, through email, doing some
telephone calling, and even through referrals of existing customers,
but the key is to find a plan and strategy that works for you and to
stick to it.

31. Phil Kuhlenbeck Successful Results  Maintain an online presence. Become familiar with social media
outlets like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Learn how they work, and
they’ll work for you.

32.  Phil Kuhlenbeck Successful Results Stop cold calling. It’s a total waste of time. Your time. The
prospect’s time. Research shows it takes 9-12 touches to reach a
prospect with a cold call campaign, and you get voicemail 80 percent
of the time. In addition, you convert less than 10 percent into
clients. Why bother?

33.  Phil Kuhlenbeck Successful Results Multiple mailing campaigns. Commit to a multiple mailing
campaign and stick to it. If an advisor will commit to a program over
a long time span, ultimately they will earn a strong return as a

34.  Phil Kuhlenbeck Successful Results Focus on how you can help. To get immediate action, promote
benefits – not features. Tell people what you can do for them rather
than how great your product or service is.

35.   Phil Kuhlenbeck Successful Results Don’t try to network with everybody. You develop more effective
referral partners when you whittle it down to a more manageable
number. I focus on quality, not quantity, and concentrate on
developing a dozen referral partners to work with.

36. Phil Kuhlenbeck Successful Results  Make your own title. I start and end every presentation with the
reminder that I am not an insurance sales-person. I am an insurance
educator. I don’t sell product, I find care solutions. And I rarely
look for the cheapest product but rather the best value proposition
for an individual client’s needs and circumstances. Then I ask for the

37. Phil Kuhlenbeck Successful Results  Make new rules. What works for one advisor may not work for
another. Following good advice is wise, but if you follow it too
closely, you look just like your competition.

38.  Phil Kuhlenbeck Successful Results Engage your current clients. Talk to your current clients and
ask them to introduce you to one or two people they know who fit the
profile of your ideal client. Don’t leave money on the table. Your
current clients are your best source of new business. You just need to

39.  Phil Kuhlenbeck Successful Results Build a Web site with leads in mind. A Web site can be a
lead-acquisition machine if it is easy to find and use, if it has
content applicable to a senior audience and if it is used as part of
an ongoing marketing campaign.

40.   Phil Kuhlenbeck Successful Results Narrow your expertise. The truth – clients choose the expert.
And “the expert” understands their clients’ thinking and provides
consistent results for others in their field. Narrow your focus and
become the expert.

41.  Phil Kuhlenbeck Successful Results Stay focused. Don’t try to cram more than one message in your
mailing. By adding more than one offer, you’re forcing your reader to
split their attention.

42.   Phil Kuhlenbeck Successful Results Use images wisely. Some e-mail clients hide images by default.
If you have important information in your images, it’s a good idea to
repeat it in text somewhere else in the e-mail.

43.  Phil Kuhlenbeck Successful Results Build your referral business. When you receive a qualified
referral, you are pre-sold, have trust and credibility, shorten your
sales process, reduce your cost of sales, and gain a new client more
than 50 percent of the time. No other lead-generation strategy comes
close to these results. Write your referral sales plan with weekly
referral goals and a tracking process to measure your referral-selling

44.  Phil Kuhlenbeck Successful Results Network. Regularly network with related professionals such as
Certified Public Accountants, stay active in local business groups and
try to get local speaking engagements in front of targeted prospects.

45.   Phil Kuhlenbeck Successful Results State a number in the title. It’s definitive and lets people
know each point will be brief and to the point.

46.   Phil Kuhlenbeck Successful Results Contact prospects professionally and often. Use the “drip”
method, with a series of low-key messages and phone calls designed to
keep your name alive between face-to-face contacts.

47. Phil Kuhlenbeck Successful Results  Be a specialist. Identify what profile you serve or can best
serve and make that your template to judge all prospects against for
an increased percentage of conversion.

48.  Phil Kuhlenbeck Successful Results Offer something FREE. While pens and imprinted items are fine,
if you can create a special report with a title that everyone “MUST”
have, people will call to get it.

49.   Phil Kuhlenbeck Successful Results When people call, the ad or postcard worked. That’s all it could
do it made people call. The rest of closing the sale is up to you.

50.   Phil Kuhlenbeck Successful Results Use the 40-40-20 rule. Forty percent of the success of your
promotion comes from attacking the right market your list. Forty
percent of your success is from the offer the hook that grabs your
readers. But only 20 percent of the success depends on the look of
your promotion. Don’t worry about artistic perfection results are what

Phillip J. Kuhlenbeck is a Sales Trainer. Phil wants to show you how to Get More Sales now.  Just call or text him at (323) 451-2030


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