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Phil Kuhlenbeck | The Next Generation Rules of Sales Effectiveness

This presentation will be available to audience members until October 17, 2014 at 02:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time.
The frenzied and competitive pace of business today requires sales teams to engage their buyers with market insight, speed, and clear ideas on how to solve business problems. Buyers are turning more to online information, including business and social networks and communities, to inform themselves. As a result, they are engaging sales people much later in the buying cycle. Many sales people are struggling to be timely, join the conversation, and stay relevant. In fact, buyers are shutting out sales people for more than half of the sales cycle. Today’s sales professionals need to demonstrate value early and often, creating the sales outcomes both you and your customers’ desire. So how do you turn your team into strategic sellers to deliver value at every step of their buying journey and keep competitors at bay? CBS Interactive is proud to present “The Next Generation Rules of Sales Effectiveness,” a live and interactive webcast where you’ll learn the five steps to orchestrating the end-to-end buyers’ journey. 1. Target the right customers by synthesizing and distilling internal and external data to understand their unique business concerns 2. Work together as one team with collaboration that extends beyond marketing, sales, and customer service 3. Bring the back office to the front office with seamless business processes and workflow that span organizations and systems 4. Leverage insightful sales analytics for real-time customer information that can help determine next steps, and 5. Provide an easy to use tool with an engaging, mobile user experience that excites and motivates your sales professionals. Don’t miss “The Next Generation Rules of Sales Effectiveness,” the five steps to orchestrating the end-to-end buyers’ journey featuring CBS Interactive’s Distinguished Lecturer David Gewirtz, author of The Flexible Enterprise (the classic book that served as a foundation for today’s agile business movement) and Ariane Lindblom, SAP Senior Director, Cloud for Customer & Sales LoB (Cloud CRM) Product Marketing. Register for the complimentary live webcast and if you can’t make the live event, register anyway to get a link to an on-demand version of the webcast you can watch at your leisure.

About kuhlenbeck

Phillip J. Kuhlenbeck is an Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker and Professional Sales Trainer. Phil is going to show you how you can Get More Sales. Call or text him now 323-451-2030

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