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Phil Kuhlenbeck – Kaizen Blog

Phil Kuhlenbeck – Kaizen Blog

Phillip J. Kuhlenbeck, Int’l

Phil Kuhlenbeck

WHAT I DO: I work with people who want to influence, motivate and
inspire their colleagues and associates. I have over than 20 years of
professional experience. My strategies and techniques have been
developed in real world situations. I know what works. I know how to
help other people be their best.

WHY I DO IT: I believe passionately in the power of Kaizen, a Japanese
term for “improvement” or “change for the better”. It refers to the
philosophy or practices that focus upon continuous improvement. My
goal is to provide thoughtful and practical ideas to change attitudes,
lives and ultimately the world.

WHO I DO IT WITH: I work a lot in the In the corporate arena primarily
with managers, directors, executives, and small business owners. They
appreciate the fact that I don’t try to make them into something
they’re not. They like my emphasis on results-oriented presentations.
I like them because they’re open to trying new approaches.


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