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Phillip J. Kuhlenbeck - The Sales King - Cold Calling

Phil Kuhlenbeck – The Sales King – My Approach to Cold Calls

This is my approach to COLD CALLING:

The gatekeeper is a valuable ally who can provide information about the decision maker.

Don’t ever lie to the gatekeeper or use trickery. Tell them exactly why you are calling and ask to speak to the decision maker.

Maybe you can even get a laugh by saying something like, “Hi, this is a sales call and I will be as brief as possible.”

Sell the Appointment. The point of your call is to get an appointment and get their interest just enough that they want to hear more.

Start by asking if it’s a good time to talk; that shows that you respect your prospect’s schedule. If they say they can’t talk now, suggest another time and be specific – don’t say “I’ll call back later,” say “I’ll call back tomorrow at 9:15 a.m. – is that a good time for you?”

Offer something valuable. I will be able to show your prospects what their advertisements will look like.

Solve their problems. Ask them: “What is your biggest, most unsolvable problem?” Then present them with ways that you will help to solve it. This approach almost always assures getting the appointment.


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